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DETOX-FUNGI Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: QLK1-CT-1999-01380
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Kraj: Hungary

cDNA-AFLP assay to identify specific transcript profiles in toxin producing and non-producing growth phase of Fusarium proliferatum

A cDNA-AFLP approach was developed to identify differentially regulated genes in mycotoxin producing and non-producing growth stages of Fusarium proliferatum (Gibberella fujikuori MP-D).

By using 160 PCR-primer combinations a number of fragments, which showed strikingly different intensities depending on growth stage were cloned, subjected to Northern analysis and sequenced. Two fragments, amplified from genes up-regulated during spore germination gave significant sequence homology to an amino acid trasporter gene from Neurospora crassa and a GAL4-like transcriptional activator, respectively. Among the cDNAs derived from late growth stage transcripts, fragments of genes involved in polyol metabolism and cell cycle regulation, respectively were identified.

This research also resulted in the isolation of additional cDNAs (without significant homologies to known sequences), which clearly differentiated between mycotoxin producing and non-producing growth stages of the fungus.

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Laszlo HORNOK, (Head of Mycology Group)
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