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Method for specific detection and identification of fumonisin-producing Fusarium verticillioides strains

This result is a PCR method to detect the main lineage within Fusarium verticillioides, the main species responsible for fumonisin contamination of crops, particularly maize, and an important maize pathogen.

This method allows detection in fungal cultures and DNA extracted from cereal or other commodities samples. This method can be performed in the same assay than the previous result. It is highly sensitive since it is based on multycopy sequence.

The method will be published within peer-reviewed scientific journal. The method has direct commercial use as a PCR method or further developed in hybridisation based kits.

More information on the DETOX-FUNGI project can be found at:

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Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Dep. Genetics, Jose Antonio Novais 2
28040 Madrid
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