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INMOVE Sintesi della relazione

Project ID: IST-2001-37422
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-IST
Paese: Italy

Multicamera tracking demonstrator

The Intelligent Monitoring Demonstrator is able to successfully localise multiple users within a large environment of interest and to broadcast location information in a variety of heterogeneous platforms (i.e. desktop PCs, PDAs, etc). The user receives in his mobile terminal, namely a palmtop or a third generation mobile phone, positioning information obtained by a multi-camera system. In particular an animated map shows in real time position of objects detected on the scene by the network of video cameras. Moving icons indicate trajectories of objects.

Combining Image Processing Tools with Networking Tools and delivering data on heterogeneous mobile platform automatically generated contents regarding a scene of interest; the implemented system is useful for those users, which desire to monitor a particular area of interest in real time.

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Carlo REGAZZONI, (Full Professor)
Tel.: +39-01-03532792
Fax: +39-01-03532134