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ATASDAS Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: IST-2001-55042
Gefördert unter: FP5-IST
Land: France

Web site describing the ATASDAS project results

A web site has been consecrated to ATASDAS project. SURLOG has set up the project web site and communicated to the rest of the partners. The aim of this web site will be to insure the proper dissemination of the ATASDAS results according.

It is anticipated that this Web site will help to test software distribution using a centralised availability of ATASDAS in client/server mode.

The web site is split into a public and private part.
- The public part is reserved for new-interested end-users in order to stir up interest and give rise to contacts.

- The private part will be reserved for data exchanges between ATASDAS partners.

The URL is the following:

ATASDAS preliminary results were disseminated through international conferences:
The first abstract of papers has been submitted to the AAF Committee (4th July 2003).

Several other papers have been written (EASE 04 ) and submitted all along the project.

Two of them have been accepted:
- One for “Convergence 03”;

- One for DASIA 2004 (Data System In Aerospace): July 2003.


Philippe AYRAULT, (Project Leader)
Tel.: +33-1-40830000
Fax: +33-1-40831818
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