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Project ID: QLK5-CT-2000-01319
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
País: France

Genome structure of Candidatus Glomeribacter gigasporarum from Gigaspora margarita

Candidatus Glomeribacter gigasporarum is an endocellular beta-proteobacterium present in the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungus Gigaspora margarita. Pulse Field Gel Electropheresis (PFGE) analyses of bacteria purified from spores of G. margarita (see e-TIP 16870Isolation and purification of Candidatus Glomeribacter gigasporarum from Gigaspora margarita) allowed us to estimate the genome size of Candidatus Glomeribacter gigasporarum to approximately 1.4Mb with a ca 750kb chromosome and a 600-650kb plasmid.
This is the smallest genome known for any beta-proteobacterium, suggesting that the genome has evolved by genome reduction from an ancestor beta-proteobacterial genome. Such small genome sizes are typically found in endocellular bacteria living permanently in their host (obligate symbionts).

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