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Project ID: G5RD-CT-2000-00321
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-GROWTH
Kraj: United Kingdom

Fabrication of FET with liquid crystalline semi-conductors

Field Effect Transistors will be fabricated in the laboratory using the new discotic liquid crystalline semiconductor synthesized & characterized by non-industrial DISCEL partners.

The various aspects of semiconductor processability as well as device fabrication and performance will be assessed at the lab scale.

The most promising devices will be up-scaled to demonstration stage. A series of potential applications could benefit from this development, such as flexible “intelligent” labels and identification tags.

The fabrication of finished device prototypes using flexible plastic substrates will be considered should the economics and attained performance level meet requirements for industrial production and commercialisation.

Reported by

University of Cambridge
Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley road
CB3 0HE Cambridge
United Kingdom
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