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DISCEL Informe resumido

Project ID: G5RD-CT-2000-00321
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-GROWTH
País: Belgium

Design, synthesis, characterization and testing of discotic liquid crystalline thin film semi-conductors

The identification and synthesis of new organic semiconductor materials is an important enabling factor for the development of (opto)-electronic devices. DISCEL contributes to this objective with new discotic molecules leading to significant potential advantages over existing systems.

Screening and identification of new liquid crystalline discotic hole, electron and exciton carriers is indeed achieved following a specific protocol. Successful candidates are synthesized and purified.

The resulting products are processed into thin films. Controlled orientation and mesophase stabilisation is achieved and the semi-conducting character is verified.

The selection protocol includes mechanical and electrical performance testing to assess their suitability for the envisioned applications.

The most promising molecules are then used by the DISCEL industrial partners to make electronic devices - LED, PVD & FET, respectively - and develop the corresponding fabrication processes for the most performing systems.


Yves GEERTS, (Professor)
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