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PAMELA Informe resumido

Project ID: ENK6-CT-2001-00507
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-EESD
País: United Kingdom

Report on economic evaluation

The industrial cost of PCMS are not yet fully established, it is however estimated to be in the region of 2 Euros per kg. The required inhibitors are also estimated to cost around 2 Euros per kg, with only a small amount required per installation. Traditional heat transfer fluids used for the technologies envisaged are water/glycol mixes. There may be the need to add glycol to the slurries where temperature cycles drop below 5ºC thereby adding to the cost. However, the potential energy savings by reducing pumping power by 64% will more than compensate for the higher initial material costs. For example a user paying 0.10 Euros for each unit of electricity could realise savings of 61 Euros per year per pump. This does not take into account the cost of purchase, which is dependent upon the capacity of the system.


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