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Project ID: ENK6-CT-2001-00518
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-EESD
Paese: Spain

Substrates analytical determination

Since the biogas composition is decisive for efficiency of the CHP and the final objective of the entire project is to predict how that composition will result according to the substrate introduced in the digester, a detailed analysis program was established.

The following substrates were analysed individually:
- Intestine and contents (bovine), Rumen (bovine), Stomach (bovine), Fat (pork), Blood (bovine);
- Intestine and contents (pork), Washing waterm.

And also these were combined with diverse proportions, generating different mixtures.

The parameters determined in each substrate and mixture were:
- Total nitrogen (N-ges), NH4 – N, Dried matter (TS),
- Organic fraction (VSS), Fats Volatile Fatty Acids (HACeq).

It was compared for each feedstock mixture at the same HRT and Organic Loading Rate and the results showed that OTS and COD removed were around 70%- 80% respectively. Also a high fat concentration in digester inhibits the methanization process.

Besides, in the feeding mixture the above-mentioned parameters plus DQO, sulphides, sulphates, Cl, K, P and pH have been determined. The frequency of the parameters determination is specific for each type of parameter and equipment where it is made the test.

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