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PRISM Sintesi della relazione

Project ID: EVR1-CT-2001-40012
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-EESD
Paese: Sweden

Regional models and PRISM

In the regional work package WP3h, an interface connecting a GCM and a RCM has been developed on the basis of the PRISM system. Fields are exchanged in the source grid resolution and interpolation is carried out in the traditional manner, i.e. within the receiving model. Generally, this set-up could be used to exchange initialisation and coupling fields in both directions. In practice, we start with a one-way coupling whereby the "global model" is represented by a program that reads in global (or a subset) data fields (the "pretending GCM"). The communication is established by OASIS, whereas, the actual data exchange during runtime is handled by the PSMILe interface, which is installed on both sides, i.e. in the pretending GCM and the RCM. The pretending GCM can easily be exchanged by a real GCM.


Döscher RALF, (senior scientist)
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