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Methods for characterization of biobased materials

The following methods were implemented for PLA-based materials:

A. Mechanical properties:
- Tensile strength;
- Elongation at break;
- Young's modulus at standard and realistic food packaging conditions.

B. Thermal properties:
- Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA);
- Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).

C. Stability of polymers:
- Moisture sorption at different RH and temperatures;
- Molecular weight changes at different RH and temperatures.

D. Barrier properties:
- Water vapour transmission rate;
- Oxygen transmission rate;
- Carbon dioxide transmission rate.

E. Optical properties:
- Light transmission.

F. Bioactivity tests:
- Release rate of antimicrobial compound from cyclodextrin;
- Assays for evaluation of antimicrobial activity with respect to direct and indirect contact with the food product;
- Microbial growth on the PLA-based materials.

G. Migrational properties:
- Total migration;
- Specific migration of allyl isothiocyanate and lactic acid.

H. Compostability:
- Biodegradation;
- Disintegration;
- Compost quality – Ecotoxicity;
- Evaluation of heavy metals.

I. Compatibility of PLA and foods:
- Evaluation of oxidative quality changes by determination of lipid oxidation, loss of nutrients, colour changes, etc.


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