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Determination of aged-induced changes in animal models of ageing

To determine age-induced changes in animal muscles, specimens from ageing male New Zealand white rabbits (3 weeks to 2.4 years of age) and male WI/HicksCar rats (4 and 28 months of age) were examined. Immunoblotting of the microsomal fraction from aged rabbit and rat muscle revealed a drastic decline in the voltage-sensing alpha-1-subunit of this transverse-tubular receptor, and a shift to slower fibre type characteristics was indicated by an age-related increase in the slow calsequestrin isoform.

Based on our analysis of aged animal muscle fibres, we plan to further study the potential involvement of abnormal calcium handling in sarcopenia of animals. This will include the identification and characterization of the microsomal subproteome by 2D electrophoresis over the next 3 years.

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