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APRON Report Summary

Project ID: 13274
Funded under: FP5-GROWTH
Country: Germany

Establishment of the airport observatory network: report on the framework concept to set up an observatory

The results of the work package have been encouraging such that all participating airports accepted the framework. Therefore the concept will be enriched and used to set up an information system for a restricted number of participating airports.

This will be a commercial platform allowing:
- To upload, download and display information,
- To use online analysis instruments and
- To use online simulation tools covering strategic, tactic and political issues.

A first version is implemented and in the test phase.

The start up analysis showed:
- The main stakeholders are the EU policy makers and the airports
- The main operational entity is an airport observatory and
- The fundamental service that the airport observatory should provide is the easy access to timely information.

These main points have been further analysed as wants by each stakeholder:
- The EU policy makers want information on the air sector, specifically on airports and the airport system

- The airports want more direct involvement in the formulation of policies concerning the air sector

- Both want information. Information is more than just data. Information is data plus meaning, e.g., an analysis of data producing a catchment area of an airport

- Both have been interviewed concerning the information they are interested in which was finalised in an indicator list

In order to match these wants, the stakeholders need to be prepared to share or give ensuring an overall equilibrium and a self-sustaining system.

The resulting gives are:

- The EU policy makers accept more readiness to communicate with the other stakeholders concerning any aspect of policy formulation and accept to be more ready to integrate suggestions from the other stakeholders into the policy formulation process and the readiness to provide and actual supplying of timely data and information

- The airports accept readiness to provide and actual supplying of timely data and information

- The stakeholders converge in the APRON Observatory and use it for direct communication (i.e. by using a communication service provided by the APRON Observatory e.g., a web forum etc) or indirect communication by allowing dissemination (within the community of the APRON Observatory participants) of analyses based on the provided data / information.

The immediate value added (apart from providing the direct wants for data or influence) from the wants and give of each stakeholder is that the APRON Observatory will be a platform of discussion based on facts. This will lead to a better-aligned, balanced and concerted transport policy.

The system of giving and taking, i.e. reciprocity leads to a win-win situation for all parties.

The APRON Observatory itself should be a central web-based service, which is accessible to the participants of the APRON Observatory community. Its main function is to be an information portal, which retrieves requested information, data or analyses based on data (supplied by mainly the participating airports) and to be the communication portal for the EU policy makers to share information concerning the (ongoing) policy formulation processes.

Additionally the APRON Observatory will provide other analyses that are not provided by participants. For this specific purpose it will be necessary for the APRON Observatory to maintain an own database with data from the participants that is updated continually or when notified of changes, in order to maintain the rule, that all analyses are based on timely data and information. The provision of additional analyses also induces the necessity for the APRON Observatory to be more than just a web portal it is an informational portal that will continually update and enhance the information that can be retrieved from it.

Other participants not providing any data / information will also be allowed access, but at a restricted level. Basically, this means, only aggregated information can be retrieved and not any detailed information. Of course the APRON Management and the APRON Advisory Group will assign the appropriate level of granularity at their discretion after taking into account all restrictions. This means, that in specific circumstances particular non-providing participants can be assigned better levels of granularity. The EU policy makers and the airports are two further fundamental entities of the APRON Observatory system. This system will additionally enclose other trusted participants in a network of competence to provide additional services.

The APRON Observatory system will emanate from three operational concepts:
- The APRON General License
- The contract for participants providing data and information and
- The contract for participants not providing data and information.

A basic economic framework that is necessary to make the APRON Observatory system self-sustainable, economically, complements these elements.

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