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Antisera to JSRV proteins

Antisera was raised in rabbits against different recombinant JSRV proteins during the course of this project. The antisera has already been supplied to a number of labs around the world for various applications in research studies e.g. immunohistochemistry, Western blotting. This includes research on JSRV/OPA and also on human cancers.

Antibodies were also raised in sheep against recombinant JSRV CA. The result confirms that sheep are not inherently immunotolerant to JSRV, despite the presence of closely releted endogenous retroviruses in the sheep genome. Equivalent antibody responses were induced in uninfected and in JSRV-infected sheep showing that infection with JSRV does not specifically block production of antibody to the virus. This is important information for any potential vaccine and shows that a post-infection vaccine may also be successful if it can prevent JSRV infection progressing to development of OPA.

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