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A protocol for production of preparations containing biocontrol agents with a high vitality and a good product shelf life

Biocontrol agents were produced on solid media in order to obtain fungal spores with high vitality and a stable shelf life. The protocol was based on:

- Two growth media: sterilised rice or a peat/bran mixture moistened with water and inoculated with the biocontrol agent.
- Two propagation periods.
- Air-drying and milling of preparation.
- Assessment of germination speed of dried conidia.
- Assessment of viability of dried conidia in stored preparations.

The four antagonists, Plectosporium tabacinum (IK1755), Clonostachys rosea f. catenulata (IK1878), C. rosea (IK1871) and C. solani (IK1889) are all readily produced on a relatively low cost solid peat bran medium during a 14-21 days incubation period and have a shelf life stable up to 8 months when storage at 4°C or 20°C. These product characteristics are important for commercial up-scaling of biocontrol agents.


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