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Project ID: IST-2000-25024
Financé au titre de: FP5-IST
Pays: Germany

Agents software for searching and filtering personalised information

Software for automatically searching, classifying and filtering information according to a user profile. Based on intelligent agents technology, the software automatically search for the relevant information in internet, databases, etc. Implemented in the form of a standalone module, communicates with the application layer by means of a well-defined XML protocol. The software can be used in multiple applications where personalised information is required: TV, Internet, mobiles, etc.

The software includes a tool for automatically acquiring and refining a user profile. Using feedback from the users, the profiling tool modifies the ranking of the topics managed in order to adjust it to the users preferences.

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Klaus FISCHER, (project manager)
Tél.: +49-681-3023917
Fax: +49-681-3025341