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Online metadatabase of fisheries impact studies

This database contains data on the impact of disturbance on benthic biodiversity including details on the fauna assessed & provisional results from 81 different scientific papers that divides into 125 different types of study (i.e. one paper may contain the results of two experiments on different seabed types).

The COST-IMPACT impacts metadatabase contains two main tables. Table one "study desc" (study description) comprises vital information about the studies incorporated in the database e.g. type of study, methods used etc. The second table "study data" contains records extracted from studies i.e. mainly the response of species, taxa, diversity indices etc. to disturbance caused by some form of fishing activity. The table "study desc" is linked to the "study data" table via a unique identifier (ID) which will enable one to conduct a variety of queries. Seventy four scientific papers dealing with fishing impacts or related subjects have been entered into the database. Several of these studies have multiple entries as these studies encompassed several sub-studies with differences in site characteristics or methodology (i.e. different fishing impact manipulations). In total 120 studies & sub-study entries are available which contain 2475 response data points ("study data" table). The basic design of the database was adapted from the database used by Collie et al. (2000). Collie et al.'s (2000) database (studies 1-58) was incorporated into the COST-IMPACT database. Additional columns have been added to the original design that is described in the glossary. The glossary is not listed in alphabetical order but in the order in which the data columns are shown in Figure 1.

Collie J.S., Hall S.J., Kaiser M.J. & Poiner I.R. 2000. A quantitative analysis of fishing impacts on shelf-sea benthos. Journal of Animal Ecology 69: 785-798.

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