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Project ID: IST-1999-14191
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-IST
País: Austria

The Vienna Component Framework (an API that enables the composition of components of different component models)

The Vienna Component Framework (VCF) supports the interoperability and composability of components across different component models, a facility that is lacking in existing component models. The VCF presents a unified component model-implemented by a facade component-to the application programmer. The programmer may write new components by composing components from different component models, accessed through the VCF. The model supports common component features, namely, methods, properties, and events. To support a component model within the VCF, a plugging component is needed that provides access to the component model. Performance measurements of the VCF implementations of COM, Enterprise JavaBeans, CORBA distributed objects, and JavaBeans have shown that the overhead of accessing components through the VCF is negligible for distributed components.

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