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Integral evaluation of pesticide exposure associated immune alteration in Europe evaluation is still in progress

An integral evaluation of all information gathering in the 5 field studies will provide information on pesticide exposure associated immune alteration in Europe. This evaluation is still in progress. Based on the experience gained, it will be possible to prepare protocols adequate to carry out "in field" studies addressed at agricultural workers. This will enable the conduction of studies, addressed at several health issues, and will encourage the collection of data in a field in which the available knowledge is small and several uncertainties still remain. This is a priority from the enlarging European Union, where most of the new EU-Countries and all the candidates are characterized by the presence of a workforce in which agricultural workers represent the mot important portion.

After the end of the project, the whole EUROPIT Consortium has decided to continue cooperation in the frame of a multidisciplinary working group, with the objective of continuing the activities done and participating in further applications addressed at the collection of knowledge on the health status of agricultural workers, their occupational diseases and the related determinants of disease.


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