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Project ID: IST-1999-14189
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-IST
Kraj: Canada

Geographical information quality and juridical risk: relevance of instructions for good practice

The circulation of numeric geographic information on the market, in addition to the difficulty for users to appreciate its quality can result in wrong uses or interpretations, and this increases the number of cases and contentious matters brought to Courts. Due to the geographic information complexity (more complex because of the apparent ease to technically merge several digital sources), and due to and the many juridical uncertainties present in new information technologies Law, some strong recommendations are mandatory.

We propose the design and the transmission of an "instructions manual", as a good instrument in a safe juridical risk management strategy. In fact, the analysis demonstrates the relevance to shift, from delivery of "internal quality" information in application-free context, toward delivery of "external quality" information in an application-restricted context.

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Pavillon CASAULT
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