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INKCOR Résumé de rapport

Project ID: EVK4-CT-2001-00049
Financé au titre de: FP5-EESD
Pays: Slovenia

Evaluation of mass deacidification systems

In an attempt to develop a non-aqueous stabilisation treatment for ink corroded documents composed of alkali and antioxidants, the possible stabilising potential of some non-aqueous mass deacidification solutions on a model paper containing model iron gall ink were evaluated. All deacidification methods resulted in increased stability of iron gall ink containing paper, as demonstrated by a higher bursting strength and DP of ink containing paper after dynamic ageing experiment. However, it appears that a slightly better effect may be achieved with the processes using magnesium titanium ethoxide than magnesium oxide. This behaviour is probably due to the fact that the alkali (magnesium titanium ethoxide) in the former is dissolved in the organic solvent, leading to a more uniform distribution of alkali throughout the paper after deacidification than in case of magnesium oxide, in which case we have a suspension of MgO in non-aqueous solvent.

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