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ANIMATE Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: EVR1-CT-2001-40014
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-EESD
Kraj: Germany

Real-time telemetry technology for moored observatories

The ANIMATE project has implemented data telemetry for all three moored observatories operated in the project, using a combination of novel approaches. The subsurface part consisted of inductive data transfer along the mooring wire in all cases, except for sensors close enough to the surface to allow running a direct wire from the surface buoy to the sensors. The telemetry to shore was either arranged to be via a single satellite transmitter (here for the ARGOS system) in a very small surface glass float (similar to surface drifters from which the idea was derived), or a suite of transmitters (e.g. ORBCOMM plus ARGOS) on a larger surface buoy. Even though the surface floats were frequently lost due to fishing, vandalism, and mechanical failure, the telemetry systems usually worked well and allowed real-time data recovery on a daily basis from various sensors. In some cases data from as deep as 1500m were telemetered. Inductive modems were also built for other sensors like the CO (2) one, and electrically conductive swivels were constructed to allow free rotation of mooring segments while using the wire as inductive data transfer medium.

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Gerrit MEINECKE, (Projectleader Marine Technology Section)
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