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Project ID: EVR1-CT-2001-40015
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-EESD
Kraj: France

Web based state-of-the-art intercomparability monitoring within Europe

The initial plans were to used MELONs as stable containers for intecomparison material. The MELONs have been tested with the LoFlo instrument at LSCE and with gas-chromatographs in other laboratories and have shown that drifts with time of CO2 and other gas concentrations inside the them were too large for those low pressure containers to be used for intercomparisons. In addition, the experience with the first MELONs sent to field sites showed that they were not easy to handle at some stations.

As an alternative, UHEI-IUP suggested a regular filling and distribution of intercomparison samples in glass flasks called SAUSAGES. This programme has been successfully implemented, with continued inter-comparison once every two months during 3 years. All data, measured by different laboratories including CO2 and its stable isotope ratios, CH4 and N2O have been evaluated by UHEI-IUP. Other laboratories in Australia, Japan, USA and Canada are now part of this successful programme. Summarized below are the main steps needed to accomplish associated deliverables D7-9 and D10.

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Schmidt MARTINA, (Principal Investigator)
Tel.: +33-16-9086915
Faks: +44-18-95251841
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