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SECURE Informe resumido

Project ID: IST-2001-32486
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-IST
País: United Kingdom

Definition of risk model

The SECURE risk model views interaction as consisting of a number of potential outcomes, each characterized by the cost/benefit of it occurring. As a result, risk is viewed as combination of the likelihood of an outcome occurring combined with the cost/benefit it incurs.

The innovative feature of this result is that it makes the risk of an interaction explicit during the decision making process. Moreover, it also makes a clear link between trust and risk by viewing the trustworthiness of a principal as indicative of the likelihood of each outcome during an interaction with this principal.

This result is of use to the trust management scientific community as a way of both making risk in decision making explicit and combining it with trust. It is currently too early to estimate its commercial potential. As a result, no specific steps have been taken at this stage in order to protect any IPR emanating from it.


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