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NEUROBIT Sintesi della relazione

Project ID: IST-2001-33564
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-IST
Paese: France

A real-time hardware/software system for closed-loop interactions between cultured neural preparations and an artificial - virtual body

A real-time hardware/software system was developed for closed-loop interactions between cultured neural preparations and an artificial body. The set-up is an organized around two closed-loop paths: one conveys the data bus (analogue and digital, for acquisition, processing and stimulation) and the other conveys the associated control bus. The set-up elements are hosted in 3 different functional entities: the MEA and its connectivity, the acquisition/stimulation HW/SW interface (described i a specific result) and the PC-hosted processing HW/SW.

The dedicated hardware and software elements were specifically designed to optimise the real-time functionality in the closed-loop applications.

The closed-loop system presents the following characteristics:
- Due to the modular architecture of the Neurobit rack, the set-up can be customized (number acquisition and stimulation channels) depending on the user needs.
- The whole analogue data path is implemented in a single hardware element (Neurobit rack), including A/D conversion, to minimize external noise coupling (no analogue signals in the PC).
- The closed-loop data path delay is less than 50us on each of the 60 channels; biological real-time processing is possible including important data processing and/or analysis.
- The control parameters can be dynamically programmed during the running of the experiment (real-time acquisition, processing, stimulation);

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Sylvie RENAUD, (Head of research group)
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