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AVISPA Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: IST-2001-39252
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-IST
Kraj: Germany

Library of formally specified industrial scale security protocols

The AVISPA Selection is a broad collection of 79 practically important Internet protocols and 384 security properties related to them. The AVISPA Library is a large subset of these, namely 66 protocols (including variants) and their properties that have been modelled in the HLPSL and checked with the AVISPA Tool.

The AVISPA Selectoin identifies, categorises, and briefly describes a large number of protocols as well as their required properties. It has undergone a thorough coverage and relevance assessment: the protocols have been selected in such a way to be representative of the many protocol groups currently being developed by the IETF and other standardisation bodies.

The AVISPA Library comprises a significant part of the AVISPA Selection, formalising in HLPSL the original, more or less informal, protocol specifications, typically given in the form of one or more IETF RFCs or drafts. The formalisations have been carefully reviewed and cross-checked to make sure that they faithfully describe the important aspects within the expressiveness of HLPSL, while keeping them easy to read and model checking feasible.

The AVISPA Selection and Library are publicly available and can serve the scientific community as a suite of benchmark problems for protocol formalisation and analysis that can be readily used to assess the coverage, effectiveness, correctness and performance of rival approaches. Note that, in contrast to the AVISPA Tool, no other state-of-the-art approach is able to deal with these protocols.

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