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Project ID: G5RD-CT-2001-00573
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-GROWTH
País: Sweden

Mobilities Al-Ni-Pt and Al-Ni-Ru

Diffusional mobilities in the fcc and hcp-phases in Ni-Ru have been evaluated using the Calphad method and compiled into a preliminary database. Information on Al diffusion has been added on a preliminary basis.

The database can be used to calculate concentration profiles in ternary Al-Ni-Ru diffusion couples. In principle the database can be combined with other databases, e.g. the NIST-data mobility database for Ni-base alloys, to simulate diffusional reactions in commercial alloys.

The database is available as database file in DICTRA format.

Reported by

Royal Institute of Technology
Brinellvagen 23
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