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Effect of zinc supplementation on positive and negative affect in the elderly

The effects of zinc (Zn) supplementation on mood level and variability were assessed in this study. Positive and negative affect was measured for 4-7 days at three time points of this intervention study. Moods were measured at baseline and again at three and six month intervals. Participants were from four European centres, with approximately half of the sample aged between 55 and 70 and the remainder 70-87 (total n=387).

The sample was randomly allocated to three groups, one received no Zn supplement, one group received 15mg/day, and the third received 30mg/day. Repeated measures ANOVAs were computed to determine the effects of Zn supplementation on the moods experienced. No major changes in moods occurred in response to supplementing diet with Zn. This is interpreted to suggest that whilst moods were not improved with the supplement, nor did supplementation produce any deleterious effects during the study.


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