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Project ID: IST-2001-33184
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-IST
País: Greece

The e-learning platform (software license)

The resulted e-learning platform enables course tutors and learners to cooperate with one another by sharing experiences, offering personal and confidential advice on the available courses, content and allowing communication, etc.

The e-learning platform comprises a set of modules where tutors can create content, administer the resulting course and create assessments for learners, while learners are provided with the ability to access courses and work with the related material. These modules are integrated in a core execution environment, also enabling the user membership, authentication (subject to security checks), course registration, workflow tracking, assessments and collaborative services that are needed to develop the competencies, skills and training objectives. The e-learning platform is entirely based on open source technologies while the provided services are developed in compliance with current e-learning standards designated by approving bodies and organisations, supporting the course of studies and quality auditing procedures.

The various services offered by this e-learning platform are consolidated by a set of repositories holding information on personal data of registered members, learner's profiles, material available to support the course of studies and other unstructured information also available to learners. The platform's architecture rests on three levels, each supported by a dedicated administrator: the platform administrator, the community administrator, and the course coordinators/tutors/instructors. The community administrator is responsible for managing the directory of members registered to a course (this provides the interface between the course provider and the learner), whilst the tutor/instructor will be the course content creator, and the coordinator is responsible for distributing the course(s) to the learner and the services supporting the relating studies.

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