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SLIM-VRT Report Summary

Project ID: IST-2001-33184
Funded under: FP5-IST
Country: Spain

The Virtual Reality Tool (VRT) sub-system

The main objective of the Virtual Reality Tool developed architecture is the efficient and flexible incorporation of low-cost 3D graphics based experiences to the learning process with:
- Multimedia content customisation according to user characteristics and terminal technical capabilities.
- Efficient management of the interactivity allowing dynamic adaptation of the learning process in response to students' actions in the virtual environment.
- Reusability of graphical models to allow the design of multiple case studies based on the same modelled virtual environment.

The VRT has been built on top of a standard framework: the VRML standard in combination with a VRML browser, remotely fed by a WWW Server, which should support the execution of external JAVA code. Additionally to the basic functionalities provided by this standard framework, specific developments have been carried out to support a set of enhanced features, which allow the development of enriched 3D scenarios in terms of new metaphors for user interaction, information contained within 3D scenarios, and the consideration of immersiveness. In particular, these enhanced functionalities are:

- The possibility to define guided paths or tours inside the virtual scenarios.
- Mechanisms to attach multimedia explanations (in the form of video or audio clips, text, www links, etc) to objects and/or locations integrated within the 3D scenario and in a user-friendly way.
- Functionality adaptation to user and terminal profiles.
- Possibility to evaluate users' interaction in terms of both, his location within the virtual scenario, and his actions over specific objects.
- Support of immersive capabilities via the use of enhanced of I/O devices.

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