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Project ID: IST-2000-27518
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-IST
Kraj: United Kingdom

Concept coding framework

This is the framework architecture for the concept coding functionality, both at the system level and the detailed syntactic level of the exchange of information at the concept level. It will provide the following high-level functionality for AAC users:
- To access to information delivered via the WWW
- To communicate synchronously and asynchronously with people via the Internet
- To enable multimodal interaction between different AAC systems independently of the Internet.

An important element of this framework is the architecture for providing the CCF engine to be incorporated in client software to enable access to services such as browsing, e-mailing and chatting.


Nick HINE, (Lecturer)
Tel.: +44-0138-2348826
Faks: +44-0138-2345509
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