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Project ID: G1ST-CT-2000-50070
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-GROWTH
País: Greece

The new grinding system for high abrasive materials

The new and innovative grinding system has been developed for high abrasive materials. At present, the particle size reduction of this kind of materials involves large difficulties which we have solved along the project with this new grinding system. The main variables considered are the number of rotors and knives, their disposition and the rotational speed.

The main difference with other systems to grinding GRP waste is the size of the ground product (we need the maximum acceptable GRP recycled particle size), whereas, other system produces mainly dust. On the other hand, developed system produces high aspect ratio fibres together with small amount of dust.

In fact, an ideal composite consists of perfect bonded fiber-matrix interface an uniaxial alignment of continuous or very long fibers with respect to the applied tensile stress load.

No problems of degradation or high wear were found, this system would be employed (with further modifications) in the grinding of other abrasive and sensitive materials such as thermoplastic with large fibres, natural fibres with high amount of sand, etc..
LINOS LTD will market the developed system.

The potential customers of the system would be:
- GRP products manufacturers (waste producer);
- Waste management companies;
- Recycling companies;
- Compounders.

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