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Project ID: G4RD-CT-1999-00224
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-GROWTH
Kraj: Belgium

Lubrication system model

ANTLE project result is a validated tool and procedure to build and calibrate a model of a lubrication system. This tool is able to model the steady-state behaviour of the parameters (temperature, pressure, flow, air/oil ratio) of a complex oil circuit like the ANTLE one.

ANTLE oil circuit is a complex system due to the lubrication under bearings inherited from the T500 3 shafts engine, and to the ANTLE specificity (spitted oil pumping system and slave cooler).

In order to have a representative model, complex phenomena have been taken into account (churning, windage).


Nicolas RAIMARCKERS, (R&T Manager - Lubrication System)
Tel.: +32-42-705133
Faks: +32-42-788915
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