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Project ID: G4RD-CT-1999-00224
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-GROWTH
Paese: Belgium

Air riding carbon seals design and validation rules

The air riding carbon seal is an advanced, extremely tight design of seal. ANTLE project resulted in the demonstration performance by the integration of two air riding carbon seals on a bearing housing. The detail result is:
- Demonstration of the air riding seal performance
- No wear
- No leak (even under negative delta pressure)
- Extremely low air consumption (one order of magnitude lower than the existing technology of labyrinth seals)
- Integration of the air riding carbon seals in an unvented compartment
- Demonstration of the performance under a production engine representative environment
- Design rules for the management of a tight unvented housing (impact of the scavenge pump speed on the housing pressure).


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