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Reproductive function in young men in Lithuania

Investigation of the reproductive function of young men in Lithuania was performed. We determined physical appearance, testis volume measured by orchidometer and by ultrasound, semen quality (sperm concentration, motility and morphology) and reproductive hormone levels in the blood of 325 military conscripts from Kaunas.

Sperm count of < 20 mln/ml was detected in 14 percent of young Lithuanian men. Testis volume by orchidometer was about 23 ml, and sperm concentration was about 83 mln/ml, while sperm volume was around 3,4 ml.

These findings are related with information on lifestyle, including information of ante_natal and childhood exposure, and previous or current diseases.

These data will be compared with findings within the European Union countries. Additional information is provided from the Baltic area to the centralized European database on male reproductive health.

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