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Recombinant Baculovirus technology has been established & BT VLP's produced that express 4 capsid proteins

We have utilized novel technology to create several new vectors. These vectors are designed to be used in the Baculovirus Expression System to create Virus Like Particles (VLPs) of BTV.

We generated a Baculovirus that expresses all 4 capsid proteins and self assembles to form a VLP within the insect cells. We have then used existing technologies and have purified these VLPs from insect cells. This preparation has the potential to be used as a vaccine for sheep.

The VLPs generated in this project have been shown to contain no genetic material and none of the other BTV proteins making them ideal as a basis for vaccines. This, along with the work of Professor Mertens, will allow us to differentiate our vaccine from all other vaccines on the market.

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