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TECTAC Report Summary

Project ID: Q5RS-2002-01291
Funded under: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Country: Netherlands

Typology and description of fleets and fisheries

Fisheries data often contain catch and effort information from different kinds of vessels, operating in different kinds of fleets and fisheries. However, in some cases it would be usefull to make a distinction between vessels that operate in different fleets, or between fishing trips carried out in different fisheries. A fleet is a physical group of vessels sharing similar characteristics in terms of technical features. It is relatively easy to assign a vessel to a fleet.

It is more complicated to assign a fishing trip to a fishery, because a fishery is defined as: group of vessel voyages targeting the same (assemblage of) species and/or stocks, using similar gear, during the same period of the year and within the same area. Within the TECTAC framework a methodology for fisheries definition was developed.

This methodology consists of three steps to define the fisheries within a fleet:
- A multivariate analysis of the catch or landings data by trip, in terms of species composition by value, which defines the landing profile;

- An analysis to investigate the relationships between the features of the voyages in terms of gear type, mesh size, fishing area, time period, vessel characteristics, etc., and their outcome in terms of catch or landings profile; and

- A definition of fisheries that are considered sensible both from the results of the second step, and in relation to the ad hoc knowledge on the fisheries.


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