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Project ID: QLG1-CT-2002-01518
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Kraj: France

Software for ultrasound perfusion analysis

A perfusion analysis software was designed on the basis of a pre-study to comply with the five following requirements: friendly user interface for easy clinical use, new software for automatic analysis of perfusion sequences, conventional parametric analysis of perfusion sequences for an easy comparison of the results of the new software with conventional tools, ability to accept all image formats of the consortium members and easy archiving of the results. Main developments included plug-ins (java and C language) coding for the commercial “Pixies” software, and specific tools for automatic masking, selection of motion free images in the sequence. The Famis software is implemented either as a step by step supervised process under the permanent control of the user or as an automatic one-step function.

The system can be used both for research purposes either for clinical or pharmaceutical applications. Potential end users can be researchers or clinical staffs.
The software is available as a CDROM providing the acquisition of the “Pixies” exploitation license.

The capacity of the product is comparable to other pre-existing platforms concerning basic parametric imaging. The Famis parametric allows more insight in the time course and the spatial localization of perfusion parameters.

A companion software developed in MATLAB can be used to improve significantly parametric and Famis imaging by removing from the acquisitions frames corrupted by the respiratory motion. The only condition is that a sufficiently high frame rate of the images.

These software packages can be applied to perfusion acquisitions in other modalities such as Nuclear Imaging, Computerized Tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

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