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Generation of a Camelid antibody against PABPN1

We have generated Camelid phage libraries, derived from an immunised and a non-immunised Llama against muscle proteins. Using this library we were able to select Camelid antibodies against the following targets: -actin-1, -tropomyosin, -sarcoglycan, -sarcoglycan, -sarcoglycan, telethonin, ZNF9, calpain-3, caveolin-3, dysferlin, dytrophin (spectrin repeat); dystrophin-related protein 2, troponin T, myosin, emerin, FRG1P and PABPN1.

Characterization of the HCAb fragments selected against PABPN1 indicate that these can immunomodulate PABPN1 aggregates in vivo, thus offering a new therapeutic potential.

This result will be made public through publication in scientific journals.


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