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VIVALDI Report Summary

Project ID: 11958
Funded under: FP5-GROWTH
Country: France

Implementation of a large scale sustainable transport strategy for the southeast of Nantes (france)

Result description
The main objective for the southeast urban area is to improve and promote new public transport facilities, alternatives to car use and less dependency on the car.

It combines:
- The creation of a new railway link between the cities of Vertou, St Sebastien and Nantes with the creation of new railway stations, Park and Ride and connections with the bicycle network,
- The remodelling of RN801 motorway, a large urban-through highway located in an urban area inside the ring road, linking it to the “Isle of Nantes”.

The project includes restriction of the number of car lanes, speed limitation and the creation of new inter-district links. - It is linked to the creation, on the RN801 space, of a new concept for the 4th major P.T. route of the urban network: the BusWay. RN801 remodelling is still under implementation with BusWay works and will be fully available in September 2006. Car traffic on RN801 has decreased by half. Two new stations have been created between Nantes and Vertou, with 360 parking spaces in Park and Ride and parking spaces for cycles. 19 round trips each day have been operating on the rail link since the end of 2003. Patronage has been growing very strongly since this date. Patronage on railway stations in Vertou and St Sébastien has tripled in one year and is still growing with a higher rate recently. Park and Ride services are overcrowded due to the effectiveness of car traffic restrictions on RN 801 (since April 2005). Bus stops, combined with train stations on the Nantes-Vertou railway link, have stopped their losses and seen their patronage increase again.

Who are the end-users of this result?
The creation of a new railway link between the communities of Vertou, St Sébastien and Nantes: Visitors and commuters from south suburban areas and south-east sector inhabitants (Vertou, Saint Sébastien, Basse Goulaine). The remodelling of RN801 motorway and linked public transport projects (guided bus corridor (route 4), connection with tram route 3, Park and Ride): Visitors, commuters, children and teenagers from south suburban areas and south sector residents (Vertou, Saint Sébastien, Rezé) are the target users.

Main innovative features/benefits (technical/commercial success factors) - An urban P.T. project is developed on national rail tracks network (new railway link between the towns of Vertou, St Sébastien and Nantes). - Remodelling of a motorway for P.T. route implementation and car access restrictions (Remodelling of RN801 motorway and P.T. projects) Market or application sectors & possible applications Important conditions for successful implementation of the new railway link between the towns of Vertou, St Sébastien and Nantes are: - Strong will of political powers. - Strong willingness and positive attitude from technicians from all parts involved. Also for the Remodelling of RN801 motorway and P.T. projects, a strong political power is needed. Potential barriers Bus-tram material Guided bus-tram is not a common mode of public transport.

It aims to offer the same comfort, reliability and safety as a classical tram but without the rail track infrastructure and is less expensive. The market to provide this mode is unclear. The first UCN call for tender to choose a manufacturer was unsuccessful, so UCN has launched a new call for tender. Due to safety regulations decided by the French State, the driver needs a corridor wider than the guide-way to correct the bus-tram’s trajectory.

Therefore, UCN has to build a wider reserved corridor than necessary. Route 4 will be launched, even if the guided section is not complete. Works time South-east inhabitants and commuters experience difficulties during the works: · the number of car lanes will be restricted and the RN801 cannot be closed during the works because there are not many alternatives to cross the Loire river; · there will also be works on the ring road bridge crossing the Loire river (Pont de Bellevue).

These works have already begun. UCN had to explain the works and promote alternative modes of transport: · use of tram route 2 (Pirmil connecting points and park and ride); · launch of the Nantes-Vertou rail link in November 2003; bus reserved corridor on RN801 (depending on the works) and boulevard Charles de Gaulle with Park and Ride facilities (the first works were done in spring 2003 to increase bus regularity and efficiency).

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Nantes Métropole Urban council
2 cours du champs de mars
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