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EURO6IX Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: IST-2001-32161
Gefördert unter: FP5-IST
Land: Spain


Isabel is a multipoint group collaboration tool running on PCs. Isabel implements a very effective floor and session control for real-time collaborations over the Internet were participants can be audiences in classrooms, auditoriums or meeting rooms, as well as individuals sitting in front of their desktops. Isabel has been used for several years to perform various kinds of distributed activities. In the context of Euro6IX project, ISABEL CSCW application has been extensively used as a useful and demanding tool for testing new advanced services.

In particular, ISABEL has been adapted to:
- Source Specific Multicast service. Isabel already supported IPv6 Any Source Multicast. The adaptation to SSM required the design and implementation of a mechanism for SSM source address discovery, adapted to work in conjunction with the ISABEL MCU control protocol. Version 4.8 fully supports SSM and has been successfully tested over Euro6IX SSM network.
- A new advanced tool to deploy and manage advanced services platforms automatically. This tool is based on an XML-like language named XEDL and allows the automatic deployment and management of an ISABEL session from one of the sites, including services like IPsec based security or QoS. The session description in XEDL is automatically generated by a management tool starting from the data supplied by the participants.


Juan QUEMADA, (Head of Project Unit)
Tel.: +34-913367331
Fax: +34-913367333
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