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EURO6IX Sintesi della relazione

Project ID: IST-2001-32161
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-IST
Paese: Spain

Route server based IPv6 IX based address delegation model

In the context of the Euro6IX activity that studied the IPv6 IX address delegation model based on a BGP route server, several pieces of software were developed:

- A route server implementation for the Quagga open source routing daemon. It was developed as a patch to Quagga's code, but it is already integrated and available in Quagga's distribution since version 0.97.
- A patch to the RtConfig tool has been generated to support Quagga's configuration file format and to support the generation of Route Server configuration files.
- Minor bug corrections to the dbupdate tool of RIPE database and to the IRRd RPSLng database.

Besides, a complete set of virtual scenarios based on the VNUML tool have been generated and tested that show how the IX services can be offered to the IX customers using IPv6 addresses assigned by the IX. The scenarios include all the detailed configuration of all the routers involved, the configuration of the enhanced route server controlling the IX services, the content of the RPSLng databases, and all the tools needed to set up the scenarios (routing daemons, RPSLng databases, IRRToolSet, etc), as well as the linux kernels and rootfile systems used by VNUML. All the software mentioned above, together with the virtual scenarios created can be very valuable for an organization trying to implement the IX architecture designed in Euro6IX, as it will allow to virtually test the scenarios before implementing it.


Juan QUEMADA, (Head of Project Unit)
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