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MEDACTION 4 Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: EVK2-CT-2000-00085
Gefördert unter: FP5-EESD
Land: United Kingdom

Decision support system for basin management and modelling expertise

The SHETRAN Decision Support System (DSS) combines the SHETRAN basin-scale hydrological and sediment yield modelling system with the EPIC crop growth model and a simple farmer response model (by which farmers choose next year's crop according to which crop from the past year has proved the most profitable). The DSS has been set up for the 1532-km2 Agri (southern Italy) and the 701-km2 Cobres (Alentejo, Portugal) target basins and baseline simulations have been carried out for the period 1985-88 (Agri) and 1995-98 (Cobres). Scenario simulations were then carried out for different land uses (seed drilling, land abandonment, afforestation of the higher ground), crop subsidy level and a future climate (late 21st century). Ouput on meteorological data, hydrographs for the river gauging stations, monthly and annual runoff and sediment yield and the predicted crop distributions for each year is displayed on the MEDACTION project website. Comparison of the scenario with the baseline results show the sensitivity of basin response to the scenario conditions.

Educational material on the impact of land use, subsidy and climate change; an input to developing guidelines for sustainable land management in the target areas.

Land use planners in the target areas; consultancies; EU agencies concerned with sustainable land management in a region potentially at risk from land degradation (desertification).

Overview of variation in runoff, sediment yield and farmer choice of crop for the target areas for a range of land use, subsidy and climate scenarios.

The material is illustrative and should be on interest to the educational as well as the land planning sectors.

The material is already in the public domain. A wider problem is transforming the SHETRAN DSS into a more user-friendly product which does not require the dedicated Newcastle team for its application.

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