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MEDACTION 4 Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: EVK2-CT-2000-00085
Gefördert unter: FP5-EESD
Land: United Kingdom

Guidelines for sustainable basin management in two target areas

The SHETRAN Decision Support System has been applied to the 1532-km2 Agri (southern Italy) and 701-km2 Cobres (Alentejo, Portugal) target basins to give runoff and sediment yield response and farmer choice of crop for a range of land use, crop subsidy and climate scenarios. The output provides a basis for developing illustrative guidelines for future land management in the target areas. In view of the uncertainty associated with scenario development and model parameterisation (typical of advanced modelling systems), the results are appropriate more for showing directions of change rather than providing madgnitudes. Interpretation of the results suggests that: change of crop (with different evapotranspiration characteristics) affects runoff total and hydrograph magnitude; change of agricultural technique may beneficially affect hydrograph shape and sediment yield; land use changes must occur over significant proportions of a basin if they are to affect the basin response; the annual water balance is affected more by climate change than land use change in the Cobres basin but the impacts of the two changes are more equal in the Agri basin; certain crops may dominate farmer choice in particular parts of the basin but there is no dominant choice of crop at the basin scale, suggesting that a mixture of crops is sustainable.

Selecting land management options to maximize river flow and minimize sediment yield.

Land use planners in the target areas; consultancies; EU agencies concerned with sustainable land management in a region potentially at risk from land degradation (desertification).

Analysis of runoff and sediment yield for a range of possible future land uses, crop subsidies and climates.

The outcome is aimed at local land use planning agencies and (as illustrative material) at the educational sector.

Lack of funding for follow-up discussion with target area end-users to ensure transfer of the analysis and its inclusion in the planning process.


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