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Project ID: ENK5-CT-2001-00540
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-EESD
País: Spain

DSG Plants Economical assessment and Performance Analysis

Economy assessment of different DSG power plant configurations.

For a number of sites, and different power plant sizes (namely 5, 12 and 50MWe), a complete economic and technical study was carried out were conceptual designs were defined and estimates were given for investment and O&M costs as well as for yearly electricity production.

A satellite model was used in order to derive annual series of hourly values DNI (Direct Normal Irradiances) for each site. Radiation data were used as input in complete models were solar field plus power cycle were integrated, based in the software tool IpsePro. The output values of yearly electricity production, and consumption of different sources (such as fuel, water, electricity) were introduced in an excel spreadsheet, which also integrated estimates for O&M values in order to derive LEC, IRR and NPV values for each option.

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