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ODETTE Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: IST-1999-11476
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-IST
Kraj: Germany

Generic class library of design components (GCL)

In ODETTE a library called Generic Class Library (GCL) has been developed. It includes basic elements like storage elements (memories, FIFOs, Stacks), structures for computations (arrays, matrixes) and interfacing elements. This library is public and available on the ODETTE web site.

The library has been developed using the syntax and guidelines of OSSS and are apt for being used in a synthesis environment that includes the OFFIS synthesis tool that generates the corresponding SystemC version of the models including the library cells.

For a productive use the library require the OFFIS synthesis tool to be used, so their exploitation is dependent on the exploitation of this tool as is specified as result 1 in this document.

Benefits of the approach include:
Abstraction and re-use, key features for managing the complexity of designs. Both are applied in the library cells.

Parameterisation allows reusing modules with different characteristics. All the library elements have been modelled exploiting this feature, including encapsulation due to the definition of the methods that are associated to the modules.

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