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Project ID: IST-2001-32125
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-IST
País: United Kingdom

Concepts for simultaneous use

A set of 10 concepts of simultaneous use was identified, and structured into a space of simultaneous use, where services, systems and operators act as building components. A high level analysis is performed, where the pros and cons of the different concepts are identified. Illustrative examples were also provided for some concepts. Several parameters were listed for the evaluation of simultaneous use concepts (e.g., cost, throughput and complexity), depending on considering a users or an operator’s perspective.

Related to this analysis, several proposals on the possible locations for the CM and the flexibility and optimisation of systems were discussed. Every proposed location has pros and cons, considering those different aspects and perspectives. Moreover, using the channel simulator developed in WP2, statistical distributions were obtained for the capacity increases coming from the use of MIMO; various scenarios of standards mixing were considered.


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