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Project ID: ENK6-CT-2002-00605
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-EESD
País: France

Material related investigations

Erosion cavitation is observed in many system, but the physic of the phenomena is not well understood. Therefore we have investigated what happen at the surface and in the materials when subjected to cavitation. Different materials in varying erosion cavitation conditions have been characterized using complementary techniques (optical microscopy, SEM, TEM, RX, Surface roughness) providing new evidences for the erosion fundamental understanding.

The influence on mass loss and mass loss rate of initial specimens’ roughness has been studied. Specific deformation features near the eroded surface have been investigated. Phase and structural transformations have been observed after erosion.

Finally, eroded surfaces have been observed to determine fracture mechanisms. The material undergo low cycle fatigue and is eroded when the implemented strain reach a critical value.

Specimens were also characterized in terms of hardness, and hardness evolution to provide data for modeling.


Muriel VERON, (Assistant Professor)
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