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NANOMASS II Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: IST-2001-33068
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-IST
Kraj: Denmark

Fabrication of metal cantilevers

Ultra thin Al nanocantilevers have been fabricated and characterized for mass sensing applications. The length of the cantilevers were 5 m, the width is 400 nm and the thickness is 100 nm.

The cantilevers are fabricated by using a negative ultra violet lithography step. The cantilever is actuated into vertical resonance by applying an oscillating electrostatic force between the cantilever and a parallel electrode. The cantilevers have been characterized inside a scanning electron microscope and a mass sensitivity of the order of 10-18g/Hz.

The fabrication technique is a low-cost, parallel, fabrication technique that also is CMOS compatible. The cantilever thickness can easily be controlled at the nanometer scale. Furthermore, Al is shown to have just as high mass sensitivity as single crystal silicon cantilevers and could hence be used for high sensitivity mass sensing applications.

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