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BIG-POWA Résumé de rapport

Project ID: G5RD-CT-2000-00219
Financé au titre de: FP5-GROWTH
Pays: Italy

Demonstrate AC losses reduction on conductor fabricated with special wires developed and produced by the consortium

One of the main technical-economical issue in the commercialization of cable for transmit power energy using HTS material is represented by the electrical losses in AC regime.

Currently ¿standard¿ HTS materials commonly utilized for this application are composite tapes with superconductor straight filamentary BSCCO enclosed in a silver matrix.

To demonstrate a reduction of cable AC losses special wires were developed by the consortium and a cable sample was realized. Tapes have 15-mm twisted BSCCO filaments (instead that straight), in a pure silver matrix.

The 1.5-m, >1000 Amp IcDC Power Link model was manufactured in Pirelli laboratory. The cable was realized by a full industrial scalable process. Special end termination cable were also developed.

Cable details:
- Metallic flexible tubular former,
- 2 layers helically wrapped with 15 tapes each,
- AC/DC sensors,
- External protection,
- End copper terminations/connections.

AC losses were experimentally measured by electric method on the twisted Power Link, and compared with a AC losses calculated by FEM analysis on an ¿equivalent¿ cable made with standard ¿straight¿ filament tape architecture.

Results show a sensible reduction of losses in the low current regime with tape-twisted cable. At higher current, the coupling between filaments, as responsible for higher losses. More effective magnetic decoupling is auspicated.

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